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Privacy policy

Your Right to Secrecy

The Playground Mat is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (registered company no: xxxx) and a registered charity (registered charity no: xxxx), and it is the organisation that manages the website located at (the “website”). The Playground Mat is referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our.” The address of its registered office is as follows: 48 Cross Street, Abergavenny, Gwent, NP7 5ER. The number of our registration with the ICO is xxxxxx.

Unless otherwise specified, Playground Mat acts as the data Controller for any personally identifiable information that is processed via the website or by the Centre. This privacy notice, together with our website’s terms and conditions, lays out the foundation on which we will treat any personal data that we acquire from or about you, or that you supply to us. This includes any information that might be used to identify you. This notice contains information on the website’s cookies policy.

You may reach us at the following number if you have any inquiries regarding the information included in this notice:

Playground Mat may be contacted at [email protected] or can be found at 48 Cross Street, Abergavenny, Gwent, NP7 5ER.
01873 857373

Or you may contact our Data protection Officer

Your legal rights in relation to your private information

You are entitled to certain protections under the legislation that governs data protection, and we wish to bring these to your attention. The rights that are accessible to you are contingent on the purpose for which we are processing your information and may only be invoked in specific scenarios. You can get additional information by visiting the website of the Information Commissioners or by contacting the DPO.

Your right to be informed is being exercised here, as you will learn what data we gather and how we put it to use after reading this notice.

  • Your legal entitlement to access – You have the legal right to request a copy of your personal information as well as an explanation of why we are using it in the manner that we are.
  • Your right to rectification entitles you to the ability to request that we amend any information that we hold on you that you believe to be incorrect or lacking in some way.
  • Your legal right to be forgotten – The concept behind this is known as the “right to be forgotten,” and under certain conditions, you have the legal right to request that we delete any personal information we have on file for you.
  • Your right to request that we restrict the way in which your information is processed You have the right to request that we restrict the way in which your information is processed.
  • You have the right to request that we cease processing some or all of your data, and you also have the right to object to the processing of your data.
  • Your right to data portability entitles you to get all of your private information from us in a format that can be read and understood by you.
  • Even if we don’t use your data in this way, you have rights concerning autonomous decision making and profiling. This refers to situations in which choices about you are made without the involvement of individuals.
  • In the event that you make a request about your data rights, you will not be asked to pay a fee in order to do so, and in most cases, we will react to your request within one month of receiving it.

You may get in touch with us at [email protected] if you want to make a request concerning any of your rights, or you can get in touch with the appropriate Centre team that is utilising your data. Thank you.


You may get in touch with us at [email protected], call us at 01873 857373, or use the complaints form that is available on the website if you have any questions or issues about the way that we are processing your data.

You are welcome to get in touch with the Information Commissioner’s office if you feel the need to lodge a formal complaint over the way in which we treat data.

The information that we gather.

We will collect personal information from the following types of users who visit and use this website or make use of the services provided by the Centre:

  • People who browse and utilise a website (information stored in cookies as well as any personal information you voluntarily choose to share with us while filling out forms on the website)
  • See the privacy notice for clinical service users for further information on how your information will be used if you are a potential or existing user of clinical services (any personal data you give on a referral form, including health facts or supply to us thereafter).
  • Support for Educational Institutions
  • Donors 
  • See the training and conferences privacy notice if you are an applicant or participant for a training course (this includes any information you provide when applying for or paying for a training session, including financial details).
  • See the recruitment privacy notice if you are looking for a job or are interested in volunteering (this applies to any personal information you give in your application, including your education and work history as well as any optional diversity monitoring data).
  • Alumni Network participants and members (any data you submit on the registration form or provide to us subsequently)
  • Participants in the Anna Freud Learning Network (any data you submit on the registration form or provide to us subsequently)
  • Notice on privacy and the Link Program
  • Privacy disclosure for the Senior Mental Health Lead

Our legitimate grounds for conducting the processing

When we collect and use your information, we do so on the basis of a number of the permissible bases described in the GDPR.

  • Consent: with your unambiguous and informed consent, and for the precise purpose or reasons that you have specified.
  • Contract: as required in order to engage into a contract with you or for the formation of a contract.
  • Legal requirement: in those instances where abiding by the law is essential for us to do so
  • Important concerns: the operation is essential in order to save the life of another person.
  • When we are undertaking a work that is in the public interest, which typically refers to the processing of data for research purposes, we are engaged in a public task.
  • Instances in which the processing of your data is required for the purposes of our legitimate interests, but only in instances in which these interests do not infringe upon your rights or freedoms.

Playground Mat has a legitimate interest in collecting and processing data about you and your use of the website in order to assess use, ensuring that the information and resources offered are relevant, and identify areas in which improvements may be made.

It is in the legitimate interest of Playground Mat to collect and process data from individuals who wish to join the Alumni Network, submit a job application, submit a referral for use of clinical services, or make a donation. These individuals may submit their information through the following methods: We also rely on Legitimate Interest as a justification for processing the data collected by CCTV at our London location. We do not think that the processing of your data will in any way compromise the rights that you are entitled to as a data subject.

We depend on an extra legitimate basis when we collect what are known as Special Category personal data, which includes information that is highly sensitive or private and might include things like ethnicity or health information.

To process this information, we will generally rely on your explicit consent (Article 9(2)(a)), or, where the processing is necessary for the purposes of the provision of health or social care or treatment (9(2)(h)), and for research purposes (9(2)j), we will comply with the relevant condition in the Data Protection Act 2018, which was passed in 2018.

How we will store, handle, and dispose of the personal information you provide

Your personal information is stored in a safe environment, and we do not share it with any third parties that are not affiliated with the Anna Freud Centre unless we are required to do so by law. For instance, we must inform HMRC about Gift Aid payments. The information that you provide will only be used for the purpose(s) that were specified when it was collected; for example, in connection with your ongoing support as a donor, in order to provide you with the goods or services that you have requested, and/or in order to keep you informed about upcoming Playground Mat activity.

Data retention

Your information is stored with us for a period of time that varies from one reason for which it was obtained to another. Data pertaining to the finances are stored for a period of six years. For administrative reasons, we maintain an up-to-date record of all of our contributions. We preserve a permanent record (with minimum data) of every Alumni, and we retain the data associated with your Alumni membership while you are still a member of the organisation. If you sign up to get a newsletter from us, we will keep your information until you ask to be removed from the mailing list. Data pertaining to training and competitions are stored until after the event has been completed. Applications for jobs are kept for a period of six months, or for a period of six years after the applicant has left the position, provided the application is successful. If you utilise a clinical service, the referral will be kept in your case file while you are using the service and for a period of up to 25 years after you have stopped using the service. Otherwise, referrals for clinical services are kept for a duration of six months.

Partner organisation

We operate in conjunction with and for a variety of different organisations, and as a result, we could be the Controller, a Processor, or a joint Controller of personal data that is used for activities and services that are jointly provided. Each activity will come with its own individualised privacy notice, which will inform you of who we collaborate with to handle the processing of your data.

Organizations that are not directly involved

We outsource the collection and processing of payments and other data submissions made via the website to third parties. We have legal agreements in place with these organisations to guarantee that they will use your information responsibly and keep it in a safe location on our behalf.

When accepting credit and debit card payments for the purchase of products and services, we utilise the safe and secure payment sites provided by Barclays. Your personal information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as your credit and debit card details, will be requested by Barclays. Barclays is the only company that will keep a record of your card data. On their website, you will find a privacy statement that you may read.

On our behalf, Rapidata handles the information regarding your direct debit payments and gifts.

Signing up for the newsletter and registering alumni is handled by Mailchimp and Moosend respectively.

When we are in the process of collecting data for Senior Mental Health Lead training, we save your information in Zoho, which is our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This includes your name, email address, organisation, and job title. We have reached an arrangement with Zoho wherein they will manage your data on our behalf as per the terms of the agreement. Their notice on privacy may be found here. There is a possibility that Google reCAPTCHA v2 will be used to safeguard online forms. In order to prevent unauthorised use of the system, this verifies that the form was filled out by a human being and not by an automated piece of software. Information such as IP address, duration of time spent on a website, and mouse movements will be included in the data that Google collects. The privacy policy and terms of service of Google apply to the use of Google reCAPTCHA.

Cookies Policy

What exactly are cookies?

A “cookie” is a little text file that is stored on the device or computer hard drive of a website user. Cookies are placed there by websites. There are many distinct varieties of cookies; depending on the functionality of the website, some of these cookies may or may not be required, but they all serve a specific function.

Website cookie acceptance

You have the option to accept or refuse our non-essential cookies on your very first visit to any of our sites, and you may change this preference at any time by clicking on the cookies pop up [I could not find it on the website?].

If you visit this website again, a cookie will be used to determine whether or not you have previously agreed to allow cookies to be used. If you have indicated that you are okay with us using cookies on our website by clicking the box that says you do in response to the pop-up notice, then this cookie will be saved on your device or computer.

Websites rely heavily on Google Analytics to compile data on the actions of site visitors and how they interact with a certain website. Cookies from Google Analytics will be used to collect data on how visitors interact with the website so that we may make enhancements to the platform. Google Analytics collects data in an anonymous way, and as a result, we will not be able to identify you or gather any personally identifiable information about you. After you leave a website, Google Analytics will no longer monitor the sites you visit on the internet.

Additional details on cookie information

Please visit the following pages for further information on cookies:

  • Regarding Cookies
  • Cookies Guidance from the ICC for the UK

Adjustments to the terms of this policy

This privacy policy is subject to frequent reviews, and we reserve the right to make alterations to its content or language from time to time to ensure that it continues to be applicable and effective. Checking the date that is shown at the bottom of the notification will tell you when it was most recently updated. The version that has been published will be the one that is appropriate.

The most recent review date was February 9th, 2022.