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The Psychology of Genius

On the electrical power of genius and the need to have to create practical psychological versions and solutions to nurture geniuses. I have written a large amount about the artistic genius now. On the other hand the psychological profile of geniuses needs a individual discussion due to the fact it is extremely intriguing and the […]

Parental Assistance – China and Kid Psychology

Abstract: In this report we will examine a circumstance analyze as observed in a Chinese psychological wellness clinic in Shanghai. The presenting scenario will seem at the results of China’s a person-baby-policy but in individual the approaches used by mothers and fathers to regulate small children not living up to their expectations at an early […]

The Psychology of Creativity

On studying the creative process and the creative individual to understand creativity Creativity is the process of generating novel ideas and is the basic force for all inventions. The process of creation involves seeing new relations between concepts and things and determining unique solutions to problems. The creative process is about seeing new associations between […]